3rd project conference:
Migration, Gender and Diversity in Eastern Africa
Conference at Ahfad University for Women, Omdurman, Sudan
4 – 6 May 2011

a) Conference Documents

b) Conference programme


  • Dr. Sondra Hale (Professor, Anthropology and Women’s Studies University of California, Los Angeles): “Gender, Movement, Diversity, and Coalitions: Sudan’s 21st Century Story of Gender Dynamics”
  • Dr. Abdel Ghaffar Ahmed (Professor, University of Khartoum & Ahfad University for Women): “From Communitarian Ethos to Individualism: Population Mobility and Rural-Urban Integration in the Horn of Africa”

Panel I: Displacement in Sudan

  • Dr. Ahmed Gamal Eldin (Professor, Ahfad University for Women): “Internal Population Displacement in Sudan”
  • Yassir Satti (Director of Center for Peace and Development Studies, University of Zalingei): “Gender and Migration in West Darfur State”

Panel II: Mobility and Return of Southern Sudanese

  • Dr. Francis Wajo Wani (University of Juba): “Population Mobility Dynamics in Southern Sudan”
  • Dr. Ulrike Schultz (Department for Development Sociology, Adventist University Friedensau): “Being displaced at ‘home’? Bari returnees in Juba after the CPA”
  • Katarzyna Grabska (Research Fellow, Pôle Genre et Développement, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, IHEID): “When women become men: gendered experiences of return migration of southern Sudanese women“
  • Dr. Samia El Nagar (Ahfad University for Women): “Decisions of South Sudan People in Khartoum to Return or Stay”

Panel III: Labour Migration to and from Eastern Africa

  • Helen Afework Zeleke (Stichting Dir Ethiopia, Forced Migration Project Head): “Labor Migration of Ethiopian Women to the Middle East”
  • Dr. Marina de Regt (International Institute of Social History): “Ethiopian Women’s Migration to Yemen: Past and Present”
  • Dr. Faiz Omar Mohammad Jamie (Assistant Professor, Centre for Peace and Development Studies, University of Juba, Khartoum Campus): “Gender and Migration in Africa: Ethiopian Labour Migrants to Sudan”

Panel IV: Engendering Migration – Legal and Policy Issues

  • Dr. Roberts Muriisa (Faculty of Development Studies, Mbarara University): “Gender, HIV/AIDS and Migration: Reviewing the Evidence”
  • Monica Kiwanuka (PhD student in Forced Migration Studies at University of the Witwatersrand): “Migration Context and Domestic Violence: Impact on African Immigrant Women in South Africa”
  • Edwin Otieno Makori (Omega Foundation (NGO) in Kisumu): “Internal Displacement in Kenya: Who Bears the Brunt?”
  • Dr. Assal Munzoul (Dept. of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Faculty of Economic and Social Studies, University of Khartoum): “Social and Policy aspects of Gender and Migration in Sudan”

Panel V: Modes of Representation – Cultural Practices, Political Representation and Biographical Narratives

  • Annette Sebba (Department of Visual Communication Design and Multimedia, Makerere University): “Population Mobility Dynamics and Impact: A Preservation of Art Practices in Africa”
  • Dr. Nada Mustafa M. Ali (Visiting Research Scholar, Department of African and African American Studies, Fordham University New York): “Narratives of Gender and ‘Difference’ in Exile: Sudanese Women’s Organizations in Egypt and Kenya in the 1990s and up to 2005″
  • Juliet Ntawubona (PhD Candidate, Mbarara University of Science and Technology): “Women at Crossroads: Marriage, Migration and Political participation and Representation of Women in Uganda, A Case of Women Parliamentarians”

Policy Dialogue

  • Guests tba

Closing Statements

  • Dr. Martina Rieker (American University Cairo): “Gender and Migration: The Construction of an Emergent Field”
  • Dr. Lydia Potts (University of Oldenburg, Germany): “Implementing Migration Studies – Research Desiderata”

Previous Conferences

2nd project conference:
African Migration and Gender in Eastern Africa II: Setting the Agenda
Conference at Mbarara University Of Technology & Science, Uganda
5 – 6 July 2010

Partners and conference participants in Mbarara/Uganda in July 2010

a) Conference Documents

b) Conference programme

  • Opening Lecture: African Migration & Gender – What do we know? Dr. Deborah Mulumba
  • Contextualising African Migration & Gender: Shifting Research Paradigms, Dr. Lydia Potts
  • Launch of IMMIS Bibliography and Database, Melike Doever & Matika Mulwande

Conference opening session with MUST Vice Chancellor Professor Frederick Kayanja, Professor Pamela Mbabazi and Dr. Lydia Potts

  • Panel I – Conceptualising Migration & Policy Interventions
    a) The Influence of State and Patriarchy on Gendered Migration in Zimbabwe (c. 1946 to 2010), Eric Kushinga Makombe
    b) Justifying the Need for Gender-Sensitivity in Development-Oriented Refugee Assistance, Ulrike Krause
    c) Security and Migrants’ Rights, Moses Tukwasiibwe
  • Panel II – Displacement & Gender – Case Studies from Uganda, Sudan and Kenya
    a) Gender Impacts of Displacement on Western Sudanese Migrants in Khartoum State, Sudan, Prof. Dr. Awadalla M. Saeed
    b) Oral Testimonies (OT) Methodology and the Pedagogy of Hope in the Narratives of IDPs of Mt. Elgon, Kenya, Dr. Peter Wasamba
    c) Misplaced Masculinities: Towards a Gendered Understanding of the Interface between Local People and Urban Refugees in Uganda. A Case of Kisenyi-Kampala, Amon Mwiine Ashaba
    d) Internally Displaced Persons Camp Phase-out in Northern Uganda – A Focus on Extremely Vulnerable Individuals: Policy vs Implementation Gaps, Wendo Olema Mlahagwa
  • Round Table I – Re-Positioning African Migration Studies: Problem Driven Research vs. Focus on Theory, Methodology, Methods

  • Panel III – Return Migration and Resettlement – Uganda and Sudan
    a) A Gender Perspective on “Home” and “Home” Coming to Southern Sudan after the CPA: The Case of the Bari, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schultz
    b) Resettlement of former Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda; A Focus on Social Services in Barr Sub-County Lira District, Jennifer Tino Opio
  • Panel IV – Forced Migration and Sexual Violation – Case Studies from Uganda
    a) The Tyrannic Unrest: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Refugee Situations in Uganda, Cleophas Karooma Kansiime
    b) Sexual Violence: A Key Feature of Forced Migration. The Case of the March 2009 Bududa Land Slides in Uganda, Veronica Nakijoba
  • Panel V – Labour Markets & Forced Migration (Abstracts p. 13f)
    a) The Indian Labour Migration to East Africa: Search for the Missing Links, Dr. Renu Modi
    b) How do Sudanese Immigrants Manage in US labour Market? Dr. Salah Mahdi
  • Round Table II: Where do we go from here? Setting the Agenda for IMMIS Research 2010/11 and the third IMMIS conference at Ahfad University for Women.

1st project conference:
African Migration and Gender: Focus in Eastern Africa
International Conference at the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
25 – 26 September 2009

a) Conference Documents

b) Conference programme & speakers