IMMIS Fellowships

IMMIS Research Fellowships for Young Academics:
Migration Studies. Theory & Methods – Focus on Eastern Africa

From mid September to mid December 2010, 12 fellows from the three African partner universities participate in a three months exchange with the University of Oldenburg, Germany. They are working on their projects in cooperation with other fellows and the project team. Fellows attend weekly seminars and colloquia; they have access to library resources and are trained in the handling and further development of IMMIS’ online bibliography tool on African Migration and Gender. All fellows are expected to produce publishable results, i.e. a journal article or a book chapter.

The fellowships serve to support thesis projects dealing with Migration or Displacement in Eastern Africa, particularly facilitating

  • the synthesis of existing, but disparate knowledge on African migration processes,
  • the development of theoretical approaches to African migration, including the gender dimension,
  • the assessment of prevalent research paradigms and research methods in African Migration Studies
  • contributions to the development of innovative research methods,
  • the assessment of prevalent migration policies.


Fellows and Research topics

Surname First name Institution Research Topic
Randa Abushouk AUW The Schools Drop out among the IDPs  Primary Studants in Soba Camp
Ronald Kalyango MUK Returning Home: Gender and choice among Internally Displaced Persons in Gulu
Cleophas Karooma MUST Rwandan Refugees in South West Uganda: Their Attitudes and Responses to Repatriation 1994 to 2010
Jackline Kirungi MUK Gender Audit of IDP’s projects ; Policies, Intervention and Outcomes
Islam Mokhtar AUW The Role of Port Sudan Migrant Women in Household Food Security
Amon Mwiine MUK Masculinities in Conflict Situation: Implications for HIV/Aids
Veronica Nakijoba MUK An Exploratory Study of Sexual Violence in Disaster Settings: The Case of Uganda
Victoria Namuggala MUK Gender, Forced Migration and Humanitarian Assistance in Northern Uganda
Wendo Olema MUST IDP Camp Phase-Out and Vulnerable Individuals Shelter and Food Support in Gulu
Jennifer Tino Opio MUST Return of former IDPs in Northern Uganda: A Focus on Social Services
Wala Orsed AUW Identity formation in multi-ethnic group in periphery of Omdurman
Joseph Ssenyonga MUST Appraisal, Coping, Post-traumatic Growth, Resilience, and PTSD among Refugees